Last month Bidaya became Saudi Arabia’s leading Brand in Home Finance Mortgages.

The new brand - created by Brandlab was launched in January 2016 and just nine months later, in August 2016 - achieved what analysts believe is to be greater sales than any other provider in the Kingdom.

The Brand launch and 360 "Go to market" strategy was supported by Partnership and Raee PR across communications, advertising, PR, Social Media and Digital played a roll in achieving this amazing success.

"We believe that this is the fastest any brand has achieved this kind of market dominance, in any sector - globally.
Launching the brand is one thing but the passion shown by Bidaya's leadership, its human capital, its infrastructure development - front and back end have been outstanding "Says Aubrey Ghose - CEO BrandLab.

All of us at BrandLab, Partnership and Raee PR - congratulate Bidaya’s leadership team, its employees, its partners, and its customers for this amazing journey to date - we cant wait to see what happens next.